About us

Recording engineer Kevin Harbison has a Bachelor of Music degree in Audio Recording Technology from the Cleveland Institute of Music.  He played the trumpet as a student and also studied voice at the Institute.  While he still loves to perform, he finds himself more often on the "receiving end" of microphones, now!  However, this background does make him uniquely qualified to look at any recording situation from both the performance and engineering aspects.  While at CIM, his teachers included Jack Renner and Thomas Knab of Telarc International, and Bruce Egre of Azica Records.

Kevin has spent most of his professional career working at institutions of higher learning, including the Michigan State University College of Music, The Cleveland Institute of Music and, most recently, the College of Music at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  In addition to being the owner of Threshold Audio Recording, he is the Recording Engineer for the College of Music and Technical Director of Grusin Music Hall at CU-Boulder.  He also teaches some recording classes in the College of Music: "Prepared for the Soundcheck" (MUSC 2081), "Behind the Board" (MUSC 2091) and "Advance Recording Techniques" (MUSC 4191).  A 2-year stint making TV and radio commercials at Commercial Recording Studios (Independence, OH) gave him great insight into the recording studio environment.  However, he feels his true calling is recording outside the studio on location.  (What's that mean?)

He feels that everyone - beginning student to seasoned professional - deserves the same level of recording quality and should be able to benefit from the wonders of modern technology.  At Threshold Audio Recording, our job is to make that technology work for you, so you can focus on giving your best performance possible.  Being recorded is more difficult than most people imagine, so please contact us and see how much easier we can make it!

When he's not recording, Kevin collects toy trains and can be found running them with his wife and children in Erie, Colorado.  He's a member of the Rocky Mountain Division of the Train Collector's Association.